Sunday, February 01, 2009


How was your weekend?

Mine is going pretty well.

Last night I started on our new rack for the bedroom:

Today I'm going to bake some banana bread with pecans.
And I'm going to Pottery Barn to return 1 of 2 lamps I bought on mega sale.
I need new pants too...but pants shopping takes months for me, so I doubt I will even look.


Joe felt bad about not having any surprises for me for my birthday, so he told me he'd buy me the boots I've been wanting.

But now I'm second guessing the size, so I may have to exchange fun!


I've been looking at houses lately on

We like our side of town, but I'm an old house kind of girl.

And there aren't many affordable old houses on our side.

Everything is new, not to mention expensive..and I don't like new houses one bit.

But I really like our area in general.

It's 1.5 miles away from Target.
2 miles away from my grocery store.
1-2 miles away from some of my favorite restaurants.
2 miles away from Joe's work (and my work in the fall/winter)
Downtown is 12 minutes away...and at the same time, the rolling country hills are 12 minutes away.
My doctors office and eye doctor is walking distance, less than half a mile.
And the really nice thing is that we live right by the belt line, which is the main road that takes us pretty much anywhere in no time.

But there are no pretty houses in our range.
And by pretty, I mean old and creeky.
Wood floors.
Quirky architecture.
That sort of thing.

So I don't know what we're going to do.
Not like we have to decide today, but it's fun to look.

Time to venture out into the busy world.
Hope your weekend was good.

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sulu-design said...

Happy belated birthday! Love that circular design... hope to see more of it when your project is complete.