Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Pretty neat project.
I still have to choose my 3 places. Although I won't be able to contribute $50 to each one, I'm going to aim for $20.

Today I start work at 11:30 and work till 8:00. So that gives me some time to clean up my studio/office/dump-everything-on-the-floor room.

I want the room to be a place I can hang out in and not have to listen to the television. I, for some reason, am super sensitive to the loudness of the tv and I know it drives Joe nuts. It's gotten to the point that all I have to do is glance over at the tv and then look back at what I'm doing and he knows that it's too loud. Pretty lame, I know. But whatever.

So now that the huge obnoxious computer desk is FINALLY gone and not taking up half my closet in there, I can start getting my screen printing area ready.

You know what's going to happen, though...we're going to move right when I get everything just so (because I'm quite a just-so person) and then I'm not going to touch the stuff for a year. Again. Just like last time.

Remember this? That was 2 years ago. Geez.

So anyway, we'll see what I end up doing in that room. I have about an hour of free time before work, so off I go.

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