Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hi everybody!

I hope your holidays are going well.

We are at my parent's house and I was all ready to post photos of my kitties, etc. but then I realized that I switched my memory card in the camera this morning before leaving home. Dumb.

I didn't unwrap a computer this morning, which is okay because it wasn't on my list so I wasn't counting on one. What I did get was pretty great, though.

From Joe:
2 Van Morrison LPs
Pajamas (our new Christmas Eve tradition)
A new robe
AND, my favorite...he wrapped a pair of tickets to a hockey game (Minnesota Wild vs. Detroit Red Wings) in an LP that we already had...trying to be sneaky and making me act like I was excited to open something that I knew we had. Anyway, the hockey game happens to fall on my birthday, which is awesome!

The story behind it was that Joe was supposed to go on business to MN over my birthday. I was really looking forward to going with and shopping in Minneapolis and St. Paul while he was at work. But then he found out that he wasn't going to go to MN anymore, that he had to do some other cities instead, which I wouldn't be able to go to. I was bummed, but it was okay. He felt bad and so he got me hockey tickets so we had a reason to go to Minnesota over my birthday (not that we wouldn't have a reason without them...this just makes it more fun).

I should add that we have been to the XCEL Energy Center before, for our anniversary, to see Neil Young, and that's where the Minnesota Wild plays.

So one month till I get to go to Room and Board, West Elm, IKEA, and all the cute little shops downtown!

Any suggestions?

From my parents, I got some really great books, along with some other useful stuff (hello, bench grinder! my tool collection is growing quickly!). The books I got, which I'm very excited about:

Attracting & Feeding Backyard Birds
A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (yes! 1097 pages)
A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables Fruit & Flowers.

They will definitely prove to be useful over the next few decades.

Well, for now I should be going. I wish I could write enough posts to pop up over the next couple weeks, but my childhood dog, Anders, is very excited about our kitties and wants to be their friend, but unfortunately, they do not feel the same way about it. So I should help Joe keep Anders away for now. Poor pup.

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