Monday, November 05, 2012

New Pieces for Yellow Canoe

Hey everybody! How are things? I don't really know where I've been...I suppose work and class and doing things around the house have probably been occupying most of my time. I've also been writing for a new website, so that pulls a couple hours away too I guess. Oh...and I started running last week after a 4 year hiatus, so I'm pretty excited about that! I've also had more weekends off than I'm used's been kind of weird spending my days with people rather than by myself.  

But! I do have most of today off, by myself, and just finished six new pieces, which I'm pretty amped about. Well, I'm probably just overly excited about having the day off by myself without having to be anywhere [until 6:30 tonight, anyway] or share it with anyone. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit of a social-overload right now so I'm just going to sit here and suck on my grape-flavored blow pop...I hate grape but the only other snack in the house is cool whip. I think that means I should *probably* go grocery shopping. But before I do that [I probably won't do that.....] I'm going to continue listening to silence and then catch up on cleaning. Maybe even read some of my book. Package a few things that need to be shipped. You know, typical weekday-off type stuff. 
Anyway, the pieces. I'm really digging how the red one and grey one in the middle came out. Not quite sure how I feel about the others yet, but that's okay. I've been thinking about branching out and trying a new tree design [do these puns just set themselves up or what...] but I haven't decided what I want to do yet. I've been thinking about my art a lot lately and what I can come up with that feels fresh and new without diverting too far from my style. I've got a couple ideas, but I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I've been kind of tossing around the idea of having another show soon, but with the holidays and class and work, I'll probably end up wanting to run away. I don't art show/birthday hoorah would be kind of fun if I could find the right venue. But that would mean that I'd only have...let me count......84 days...and that sounds like an awful lot of work. We'll see.

Anyway. I'm done with my grape blow pop so I should probably go do something now. Have a great week!

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