Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cheers to 2013!

Hey hey! It's 2013! Did you all have a wonderful holiday season? Are you all glad that it's over? Yeah, me too. Although I've gotta say- this was the first year in forever that I wasn't running around touting my shiny bah-humbug horn. Not really sure what was different, but I had fun getting ready for Christmas this time which was really a nice change.

We cut our tree down a few weeks before the holiday and the weather ended up being perfect. It snowed for the first time this year and the temp was in the upper 30s. The tree farm we picked was really cool...just a ton of random pines poking out of the ground in a jagged pattern, across acres and acres of snowy white fields. Most tree farms tend to be planted in perfectly straight lines, row after row, with all of the pines separated by type and size. This felt more like we were in the woods, which was awesome.

I was also really thrilled about the day because it was the first time in what felt like ages that I had felt really good. I had enough strength to help Joe carry our tree, which I know sounds like nothing, but it was such a feeling of victory. I felt like a kid who just learned how to tie their shoes. 

I've been mostly fine lately but still not 100%. I'm dealing with some health stuff that's been everything from scary to frustrating to hopeful and back again. I'm still waiting on a diagnosis, and it could possibly take years to diagnose if it turns out to be what I am fearing most, which I'm near certain it is. I won't go into full details just yet, but I'm sure my next post will have more. For now I'm happy that I woke up feeling good this morning and I have mostly just been embracing these kind of days. Today is the first time in 23 days that I have the day off and the house to myself. I'm planning on doing some art stuff and I hope to finish this piece that I started a month ago.

Fingers crossed that I can get it finished! We'll see. I just noticed that my hands aren't shaking for the first time in 6 weeks. I should get drawing while things are good. :) See you guys soon! I hope you've had a great start to the new year.

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