Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Mixed Media Piece [Yep. Another Boring Title.]

Hey hey, what's happening? Not a lot here. Just your average June-inspired activities. Lots of grilling, lots of gardening...some canoeing, camping and art. In 10 days I am dropping down to 3 days a week at work to focus on art and eventually school. [that sounds rather daunting when I see it typed out...3 days??? Ugh. It wasn't supposed to be this nerve wracking.]
Anyway, I finished this piece last week and I'm pretty happy with it. So happy that I am going to make a few more in varying colors. I'm thinking grey, blue and maybe yellow. Right now I'm in the midst of moving my studio, so that takes priority over new pieces, but I'm hoping to have it ready by July 1 [so I can work on stuff right away when I cut back on hours at work.] We'll see how it goes. I know myself well enough to realize that it probably won't be ready in time and I'll probably have to work on some sort of jerry-rigged, temporary work bench that will end up being my primary workspace for like 3 months until I finish all my landscaping things. Right now I'm building a new limestone retaining wall. Photos to come....for now I'm off to stack more rocks. Hope you are all doing well.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I've been spending my Saturdays knee-deep in rivers 'round Middle Tennessee getting back into fly fishing with my boyfriend. I used to fly fish with my dad long time ago.

Titles are always SO much fun to come up with (ha! I kid) sometimes I just mark the space with a .period.

Take care!