Monday, November 27, 2006

it's the holiday season...

hello all!
how is everybody? i cannot believe (or just dont want to believe, maybe) that christmas is in 4 weeks! wow.
i just made this card:
handprinted cardinal and branches drawn with a pantone marker. the cone tree is made of paper from old novels. i'm thinking about making a bunch of these trees and also a few out of ivory colored paper, all different sizes, since i dont have a beautiful village like alicia does.
originally i wanted these great stockings from west elm, but now i am not so sure- they are a few posts down if you are interested. they are grey, and while they are the best stockings i've seen this season, besides the felted ones that are popping up all over your blogs, i am thinking that i might do an ivory, brown and red theme this year. this is kind of repetitive for me because those were our wedding colors- you'd think i would hate those colors by this point! but i really love the way they look for the holidays.
i am really excited to decorate this year! yesterday i bought a new sheet set from target (which is actually a much brighter blue) for winter. we only had one set before and i was getting really bored with the way the bedroom was looking. AND they are flannel, so they remind me of when i used to have flannel sheets at my parents house (i love flannel when it's cold outside!)
so this weekend i am going to be selling my wares at depart-ment in chicago. maybe i already told you that, i cant remember.
anyway, the cool thing about this show is that i dont even have to be there! i just set up my stuff on thursday and go back on sunday to gather my unsold items and collect payment. i am both excited and nervous- excited for obvious reasons, nervous because i have to drive to chicago and i HATE HATE HATE driving anywhere that's busy. and i have never driven there before. OH yeah, AND it's supposed to be super cold on thursday- an "arctict rush" as they are calling it. hmph.
hey, have you guys seen (and fallen in love with) lisa's new installation? it's so so great, i really love it. she says it looks way cooler in person- hard to believe, i know, since it already looks so great.
okay friends, it's time for bed. i am hoping to post a few holiday decorating photos soon...hopefully i can spruce this place up nicely this year.
take care!


lisa said...

the card is beautiful!!

ambika said...

Wow, the trees look great. I love these even more than the felt/fabric ones I've seen in various places. Maybe this will be my Christmas weekend project (since I will *not* be shopping.)

lisa s said...

your card is uber cute...

and thank you for the mention... you are too kind!

kml said...

can you have too many compliments? I hope not, cause I have to say your card is just beautiful and I love your tree-especially for someone working in paper huh? lovely!

shelby said...

I love the cardinal card.

Ky said...

i am so loving this card!