Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the latest...

so i decided to keep going with this whole experiment thing...

new art:

new robot greeting card:

the other day i bought a new box of stash chai tea, my favorite. well, the thing is- it tastes and smells theres too much cinnamon or something. now, dont get me wrong, i love cinnamon. but i dont like when something tastes different than usual. i was hoping that it was just that particular tea bag, but it was not. kind of a bummer! i want the chai tea that makes my lips curl when i whiff it, not make my nose tingle.

im listening to the only radio station that i listen to on a regular basis (my car doesnt have a cd player so what else will i listen to on my way to work? all my old mix tapes are biting the dust, they've been played too many times.) ANNNYWAY, so yeah sometimes i listen to the radio at home too, and right now im listening to a station called 97.1 FM, the drive, and uugh they are playing a lot of crap tonight. its an older rock n roll/rock/etc station. they play a lot of CCR, eric clapton, bob seger, CSNY, simon and garfunkel, stuff like that. but tonight is terrible! ack, im about to climb over the mountain of stuff in the middle of the room just to get to my stereo and put a cd in. (im not hip enough yet- no ipod for me *cough*maybe for christmas*cough* (are you reading this, moonshine?) haha, i call my husband my "moonshine" because he makes me drunk with love.

alright, i have to go work on my etsy shop a little more. i've been updating it a ton over the past few days.

take care friends!


Shona said...

Love the new template! I see you went beta.
I had given up on radio (ONLY listened to my iPod, but then you rarely discover any new music) it was kinda like cable- 5 zillion channels + NOTHING ON!
Then...I discovered the Vanderbilt college station + have a new found faith in the format.
Again, love the new work + ROBOTS- cool!

kml said... out of berkeley "music of the world" archives are great- if you like music of the world!
the robot with the hearts is so so deliciously cute.
also about chai- I too drink chai daily and know the disappointment of Stash chai- i tried to make myself drink it (cause I had nothing else) but was forced to throw it out. shockingly, drinking nothing was better than drinking that tea. so look at frontier coop (online) you can get bulk teas for good prices and green chai organic- huge bag- ( I think becoming a member for life is $10)
more than a "comment" but felt very chatty today.....

risa said...

i love your new artwork. soooo great!

lisa s said...

the robot is super cute...

they play lots of great stuff... all different kinds... and if you haven't gone to morning becomes ecclectic you can peruse all the archives there too!

bugheart said...

yes yes
the new

maditi said...

love your robot greeting card :)

ambika said...

I like the Bigelow chai teas more than the Stash one's these days. I do think they've changed up the blend. Also, I *love* your robots cards. They are incredibly rad.