Tuesday, February 13, 2007

hi there!

hello everybody!
sorry it's been so long! i don't even know WHAT i've been doing with my time...i hate that feeling! like i just wasted it all...hmmm.
so i'm back from my short trip to madison, and i've got to say- i didn't want to leave AT ALL. i loved everything about it...well, except that usually i like when there are less people and madison is a fairly large city, but i think i could get used to it because the people there are different...there's just a great sense of community up there. i was blown away by how many people try to support local businesses there. joe was on business and he said that everybody talked about "local this and local that" which he knew would make me happy. there are a lot of neat shops, a bunch of local papers to read...i read all about their farmers markets and they sound fabulous...the markets are a huge deal there, i'm planning on checking one out this summer for sure. we went to 2 bar/restaurants there and they were both so unique compared to what we have here in boring kenosha. i was reading the classifieds in one of the local papers and there is SO MUCH TO DO! i'm almost jealous! here are a few examples- mandolin classes, knitting and crochet instruction at this coffee shop, learn french at that coffee shop...they have a food not bombs organization, lots of sports (we watched this guy that joe used to work with play volleyball at this huge sports complex--so much fun! all we have around here is softball and bowling, i have tried both and i dislike both!) so many parks and trails...aaaah the opportunities to have a good time are just endless! oh, and their apartment for rent classifieds really spiked my interest- they sound like they have a lot of character, unlike our boring apartment that we live in now. hmph.
i wish i had photos, but i don't- next time, though! i think joe has to go back in march so that means i will be visiting him :) but i went to this huge antique mall, a few boutiques, a coffee shop, a bookstore...i had a lot of fun up there.
but now i am back...looking online for new things to love...and i've found these:
these clean dressers from west elm--i LOVE them.
i really like this lamp, but the shade doesn't really do it for me. found at overstock.com. available in other colors as well.
i like this square table from west elm...that day bed has always struck a chord with me too :)
this image reminds me that spring is almost here!
okay, i have some etsy favorites too but now i'm having problems posting the images...i might be moving over to typepad soon!
thanks for visiting, have a good one!


lisa s said...

glad you had such a nice trip!

west elm gets me everytime!

Katie said...

Good to hear you had a fun mini-vacation!

Ooo, I like the favs you picked out ( I agree on the lamp, the shade is too busy for that base, it's got to be one or the other). I've been online window shopping alot lately too. We're in need of some serious furniture items, like a couch and a bed. We've been using the same futon for our couch for almost 5 years and it was hand me down to begin with!

I love West Elm, I just wish they weren't so darn expensive. I guess I need to think of it as an "investment". :-)

Shona said...

There are reasons why Madison ranks as one of the top US cities to live in. Listen to me, I sound like the president of the Madison relocation committee.
Glad you enjoyed your trip!

bugheart said...

welcome home!
i try to stay
away from
west elm...
too much