Wednesday, February 07, 2007

see you soon.

well i didn't get around to those links i was talking about...maybe in a couple days?
tonight i am heading out to madison to visit joe. he's on a business trip, and i have been wanting to go to madison for awhile now. i just wish it wasnt so cold outside! i'm going to freeze if i walk around madison. oooh well.
okay, so i will see you in a couple of days!
take care, friends.


Shona said...

I briefly lived on Lake Monona during the coldest documented winter in 20 years (yah, I wear that like a badge). One day I decided to go out for a walk on the lake + thought I was going to die from frostbite, despite wearing layers of warm technical clothing.
Enjoy your trip + THE BEST PLACE TO EAT...
Husnu's (Mediterranean food)
547 State St. (between the capitol + UW, across from Urban Outfitters)
(608) 256-0900.

gracia said...

Enjoy that break... cold or otherwise.
see you, g

jawcey said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment :) Your blog looks great! I'll link to it on mine.

Hmmm...I think I could use some new paper products...I'm going to spend a bit more time looking around :)

bugheart said...

hope you had
a good