Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning

These are probably 2 of the grossest photos I've ever taken, but whatever.

Yesterday we made fish tacos for dinner.
If you have ever been to a restaurant with me, you know how much I love fish tacos.
I order them every chance I get, trying to find the best in town.

Most of the time fish tacos don't come with cheese, but since I have a hardcore addiction to it, I always add it on.

Joe (along with about 80% of the population) always says YUCK to fish tacos.
I have to admit that the first time I had heard the term I was thoroughly disgusted as well.
My manager made them one day when I used to work at Chili's, even though they weren't on the menu. He told me that I had to try one. After I folded my face in a funny direction a few times, I finally ate one. And it was awesome. To be honest, it was the best fish tacos I've had to date.

So last night, after about 2 years of talking about how great these things were, I told Joe that we were having them for dinner. That was after he said "no way" to tuna pitas (one of my favorite quick-foods), so I really didn't think he was going to go for it since he always looks at me in dismay when I say "fish" and "taco" in the same sentence.

But he was on board and even wanted to help me make them.
The thing about Joe is that has one of the weakest taste bud systems I know of, so he only had fish and cheese in his tortilla...and to me that's not a fish taco, because it's the sauce that makes it what it is. But he liked it and I wont catch any slack at restaurants anymore now that he knows these things have a particular awesomeness to them.
This is the recipe I used. I didn't add mayo to the sauce in hopes that Joe would try it...but he didn't. I also went to the grocery store for a lime and forgot to buy a lime, so I had to improvise. I made quite a stretch and reached for pineapple rum. Initially I was just going to skip that part, but after I tasted the sauce I knew I wasn't going to get away with that. I used lettuce rather than cabbage because I couldn't find cabbage at the grocery store the other day. And I added pico, because it's one of the best foods ever.
(okay, so i like all kinds of food...)

Then I took the garbage out and noticed that the air was perfect for a walk.
So I ran upstairs and got my raincoat and took a walk.
And then I got home and finished this piece:
And took a photo of it when it was dark outside, which I never do, but since this piece isn't for sale it's okay.
I miss making things and I want to start again. I hope that can happen soon, but I'm doubtful. I haven't been able to cross much off my list.
I can say that I've been working on #4, #14 and #19, but that's as far as I've gotten and I wrote that list 3 months ago to the day.

Well tomorrow I will cross #12 off because I'm going on a canoe trip with these people, plus a few others.

Well it's time to go. I hope you had a good weekend! Do you like fish tacos? I've heard they are big in California and I think that the main reason they are popular here in Wisconsin is because fish tacos have fried fish, and if you've ever been here, you know how much we (stereotypically speaking) like our fish fry.

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Princess Caitlin said...

mmm... fish tacos!

Um, actually, I think I've only had them once or twice. And they weren't anything fancy, but they were certainly delicious!