Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yesterday our hammock from arrived.

We quickly ran to the hardware store to pick up the...hardware...that we needed to hang it.

Luckily I researched hanging methods online before attempting to hang it, because Joe obviously did not. We won't get into that.

Unluckily I didn't pay attention to which drill bit I chose and I proceeded to get a huge bit stuck in our tree. Yes, I drilled into our tree. So bad, I know. Anyway, this was accompanied by lots of swearing and then storming into the house, followed by more swearing. I don't think I've been that mad in a LONG time. I pretty much thought my drill was fucked (sorry) since it wouldn't grab the bit tightly enough to get it out and I knew that we'd been waiting for this moment for so damn long. It was going to be the perfect way to end the long day.

After cooling down, I went out to try again. That's when I realized that I used the wrong drill bit. So off I went to drag out my chair, chains, drill, wrench, hammock, hardware, etc. out to the trees again.

Ten minutes later, we had a working hammock:

You can't tell, but we're both smiling in all of the photos. It was a great time.

Neither of us had ever really been in a tree hammock, but I have wanted one since I was really young. I've always had a fascination with them.

By the way, how do you pronounce "hammock"? ham-mock or ham-mick?

+ + +

I just checked on my flokati rug, and it's on it's way right now! It needs to be signed for, so maybe it will get here before I leave for work. Fingers crossed.


bugheart said...

i say ham-mock.
i am
so jealous...
it looks
like a wonder-
place to lay
and read.
i would
have sworn
a lot more...
and i am
sure grub
would not
have researched
how to hang it either!
have a great
in the hammock!

Pravina Studio said...

I have been wishing for a hammock for years! I mean, a hammick :)