Saturday, August 21, 2010

Move Along if You Aren't a Cat Person.

So I read a few months ago that if you want to attract more traffic to your blog, there are a few things that you do and don't do.

One of the things that you don't do is write about your cats.
I can see that...a lot of people dislike cats.

If you've read the blog for awhile, you probably know that I was never a fan until I found our 2 cats last fall. So I totally get it.

I figured I'd share that disclaimer before I went on to talk about Clem & Moon today.

Moonshadow's fur started to become matted a little while back. We didn't know it was matted at the time since we've never owned cats. A part of her fur was sticking up near her tail, I thought she was cut or wounded due to a dispute she had with Clementine.

Well it turns out she had gotten matted and long story short, Joe took her in for what he kept calling "spa treatment". 

All week he had been joking that she would look like a lion when she was done.

Or at least I thought he was joking...

Although she loves it and is so much spunkier since her new 'do, it was really causing quite a bit of tension between the cats.
Clementine hissed and growled at her. Puked from stress (on that nice white flokati rug). Fought her. He wouldn't rest.

This is how she looked before:

I took the photo a few days ago. That's her new friend, Shedder. They sit and admire each other for a few minutes each day. Clementine hates that, too.

Needless to say, Clem has been hating life lately.

And now he is at the Emergency Vet, hating life even more.

He has a urinary blockage and had to get a catheter.

They asked if he's been stressed at all lately.

Between Shedder, house guests, traveling and being followed around by a lion, yeah- he has been.

I hope my handsome boy is okay. He's only 11 months old and we were told by the first vet that we took him to that his weight is a "little extreme". That's also what may have contributed to this whole problem.

We've been trying to get him to lose weight but it hasn't been going so well, despite feeding him less food.

Anyway, we were supposed to go on a camping trip today. We probably won't go. That makes it vacation cancellation number 3 for me this summer.


For now I will play with Moonshadow because she keeps looking for Clementine. I always wondered if they'd notice when the other was away...

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Sary said...

awww, poor clementine! both of your cats are ADORABLE. Moonshadow and her friend Shedder are so cute!!