Friday, September 07, 2007

it's time.

i'd like to announce that after months of saving my pennies to buy supplies, my new shop is finally open.

it's called "yellow canoe."

i have also started a yellow canoe blog, but i haven't posted anything on it yet. more on that later.

the shop features handmade items for the home. there will be lots of updates over the next month. be on the lookout for wooden pencil boxes, coat racks (i can't wait for these because i need one myself!), place mats, table runners, door rugs, jewelry holders, wall art, and more.

i have only been able to take photos of about half of my current inventory. thank you mom and dad for letting me use your house for photos! it was so much fun snapping shots in a house with color. even though the sun didn't come out until i was on my last set of photos. that's okay, i plan on retaking the ones that didn't come out so great. (their house looks awesome when it's sunny!)

so, since i finally got this show on the road, that means that i am going to be present in the blog community again. (YES! i missed you guys and i have so much catching up to do!) i feel like i took such a long break. most of my time i have been sanding, painting, carving and printing, along with hanging out with my husband on the weeknights and overnight visits with friends on the weekends.

okay, that's all for now. i have to add a few more listings to my etsy shop now. i have had some people email me and ask if i will still be making journals- after a long hiatus from binding, i made a journal for the first time 2 weeks ago and realized how much i loved the craft. that being said, i will continue to make journals but i am going to take a slightly new direction with them. you'll see what i mean within the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Very excited to see your new venture and the new direction you are going in! Also exciting to see that you are back in the blog world. :)

*melanie from

ambika said...

Excited! I'm going to look now since I loved everything I saw on flickr.

marta said...

congrats. i'm excited for your cute little shop and i love the name. so unique!

sia said...

welcome back Erin!

Congrats on Yellow Canoe - I love the pieces you've shown so far (especially the blue plants jewelry thing...)


Blair said...

congratulations Erin, it all looks beautiful!

poppy said...

congratulations on the new shop - nice stuff

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Oh Erin, it's so good- there is a very definate "style" to the work you have in your shop. I wish I could buy it all, but my funds all have to go towards the new-to-me car I just bought.
Looking forward to next month!