Thursday, September 13, 2007

new stuff

i'm having a lot of fun keeping busy with yellow canoe. the blog will be ready next week, so until then, here are a few new things.

"hello, morocco"
on bristol.
block printed in sea blue ink.
lantern illustration in india ink.
i'm thinking about getting this, or one similar to this, turned into a digital print. does anybody have any info on doing this? i don't know anything about digital printing. would a regular print shop do it? or should i look for somewhere online?

raindrop coptic bound journal.

sunburst coptic bound journal.

moroccan list pad.

that's all for now, i have some orders to package and i have to get ready for our camping trip this weekend! we are going to michigan tomorrow morning, should be a good time!

have a great weekend, everyone.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

It's great to see what came of those Moroccan designs you e-mailed me about awhile ago. Your Coptic binding- WOW! it is so clean, I don't think I've ever complemented you on it + it's long over due. I wish you lived in my area so you could join The Book Babes, you would really love them- SO supportive + just amazing people. Have fun camping- I'll be locked in my studio.

Kelly Lynn Jones said...

i love these!! so beautiful!

katiecarman said...

very pretty stuff erin!

Ellen said...

the blue moroccan design is gorgeous. yummy. yumyum! great job bringing everything together.