Sunday, October 25, 2009


On one of my favorite scenic roads, there is a farm that is selling pumpkins, squash, Indian corn and gourds.

So Joe and I stopped for some on our way home from the hardware store and the apple orchard.

And then after I decorated with them, I decided that I wanted more.

Partly because I felt like more would look nice, but mostly because it's Sunday and on Sunday Joe watches football.

And I hate football.

So off I went, back to the farm, to get a few more.

Well, a few turned into like 30. But I enjoy having that many around. And I am going to give the small ones away on Halloween to the kids, if they want them. I always liked having small pumpkins in my room when I was younger, so I figure maybe they will like them too.


Pravina Studio said...

giving them away is such a sweet idea!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Thought of you this weekend while at the studio tour, it was 2 years ago that you were here.

I see pumpkins, squash + all those wonderful gourds + want to roast them!

beth said...

Nice. I like the winding roads around Devils Lake... and Ski High Orchard is close by.

Tis the season.