Thursday, October 01, 2009

Two Things

The DOKUMENT waste basket from IKEA makes for an excellent stick carrying bin after a windy evening.

It's easier than lugging a wheel barrow around and it's so much more Martha than toting a cardboard box. Especially when the cardboard box is stamped with beer logos. I think Martha probably drinks wine.



What kind of flower is this? I could probably look it up, but I was curious if anybody knew. I'm working on my plant, flower and tree knowledge.


Anonymous said...

The flower is a Viola called Johnny-Jump-Up. Related to violets. With luck, it'll spread!

canoelover said...

Some people think these are weeds. I disagree. Wood violets, our State Flower. Also called J-J-Us as previously posted. Also Viola cornuta if you're a geek.