Monday, May 10, 2010


Parts of our yard are filled to the brim with Viola Tricolors, also known as Johnny Jump Ups.

I recently found out that they are edible, so I gathered some this morning for my pancakes.

Of course, Moonshadow was hoping that they were her pancakes, but I had to nudge her away.

This was my first time trying them. It was reminiscent of the first time I tasted honey- fragrant and floral along with a certain level of sweetness (honey being much sweeter).

It was so tasty that I decided to add another layer.

Next up: Violet Jam.

Well I should be on my way. It's time for more fire pit building...

1 comment:

beth said...

That shot of Moonshadow eyeing the pancakes is priceless. I have tried nasturtiums in salad, but never those. Sounds intriguing. the new banner by the way.