Tuesday, September 05, 2006

im back

im back from the trip! it was a nice relaxing weekend. i cant wait till we have a house with a fire pit! we spent many hours in front of the fire.
i have some good news- i have been accepted for art vs. craft in milwaukee! im really excited about this, i started making stuff to sell today. im having a hard time figuring out just how much inventory i should bring. i mean, i know i should bring as much as possible, but i dont know how much that is. i am dropping down to 3 days a week at my "real" job as soon as we return from the honeymoon, which will give me enough time to make make make.
not much else is going on...the fan on my hard drive is acting up- uuugh. we got a speeding ticket on the way home vacation. he cut us a break, but its still going to cost almost a couple hundred bucks. damn! well, i wasnt driving, joe was, but i am going to help him pay it since i know i would have been doing the same speed limit if i were him!
our wedding is in 19 days. i should be freaking out but for some reason i just dont even care at this point! it sounds terrible, i know, but its just a day...right? ha ha.

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lisa s said...

welcome back!

congrats on the fair and 19 days??!?! woa! getting close