Friday, September 15, 2006


i finally got a new camera! my life is finally back to normal again!!!
etsy, here i come!
ive been busy making things. all kinds of things. there will be a parade of photos tonight if blogger cooperates. lots of them! i have SO much to show you!
i want to show you guys my dress but its at the tailor. i had joe take pictures before, but thats when it broke! but now my dress will look even better than it did before! so it will be great. i am picking it up tomorrow. we'll see if we can get some pictures.
okay i am off to run some errands my friends. stop by later on tonight for the parade! (wouldnt it be cool if i could throw you candy through the internet? dang.)

1 comment:

Listoria said...

candy through the internet...what a great idea!

i've been lurking without commenting on your, so i thought it was time to tell you how much i enjoy it! i don't remember how i found it though. it was probably while wonder through a million other blogs, just linking one to another!

can't wait to see the dress!