Tuesday, September 05, 2006

so lately ive been pondering a few things. i would like some input if you have any to offer. im trying to become more green friendly, as some of you may know. lately i cant help but feel almost guilty about binding journals. i absolutely love the crisp 80# drawing paper i use for the pages, and i have received a lot of great compliments about the thick paper. but knowing that the paper i purchase is not recycled is starting to bother me...there goes another tree. i havent checked into recycled paper all THAT much yet, but i did find some large artist pads that were recycled (i cut all my paper to size from 18"x24" paper) but wow, they are expensive. i think this one was $12 more than the ones i use now. i get approximately 5-6 journals from one pad of paper, so each journal would have to be at least $2 more. im already raising my prices since i value my time more now than ever. not a huge price jump, but im thinking of going up to $26-$30 per journal, without the recycled paper, so that would actually be $28-$32 bucks each if i did start using it. do you think there are enough eco friendly people who would understand? i know many crafters are into this, but i really dont see this appealing as much to the people who live in downtown chicago. or maybe they are even MORE into it since they have use of public transportation and everything? i dont know. i guess im not asking if its worth the "risk" of switching. but more along the lines of will enough people appreciate it and not be set off by higher prices. hmmm.

today i started making tags for art vs. craft! yay! im starting my christmas cards soon too! i have new designs coming soon, which include more autumn inspired things- a cornucopia, feather, mittens, a campfire, acorns, etc. followed by more winter things- hot tea, snowflakes, icicles, and more.

i am also making christmas ornaments this year, HOPEFULLY, to sell at the fair. i have a lot of ideas for those, but the most exciting ones are the japanese craft book inspired ones- little fabric sachets with my designs printed on them. i cant wait for those, i really hope i can make time for them!

anyway, i have to get to bed now. its getting late and i have a bunch of stuff on the agenda for tomorrow.

oh guess what! my brother finally fixed my bike (something i could have done myself, but im not the one who left it behind the car!) so i will be able to take long rides now! and visit the horses too! :)


alison said...

you could try offering BOTH non-recycled journals and recycled journals. that way, the stingy people can still have something "affordable" and the conscious people have something too.
can't wait to see your fall things. i'm totally done with summer.

LALA dex press said...

Alison said what I was going to say. It's funny that you are wrestling with charging 30.00 (which is what I charge at fairs) because I have seen books offered for 50.00+ and the craftsmanship is not any better than mine (and people WERE buying). I have had long conversations with a friend, who is a professional paper maker, + her advice is "Get over it!" your time + materials are worth more + you need to realize that. A jewlery teacher once told me that people who are "in the know" will pay. Perhaps you may need to add an additional line + educate your customers.

Katie said...

Have you ever thought about making your own paper? I know it would be time consuming and you would not be able to make the nice thick paper you like, but maybe you could sell the non-recycled paper journals and make a few out of paper you've milled yourself (I've seen kits for it, it's got to be online or on ebay), at least so for good karma.

I really want a firebowl too! I don't know what it is about sitting around a campfire but it is so stress relieving and peaceful and lovely - alot like sitting and looking at the ocean.

I think it's some inborn attraction in us, from our caveman days. Fire and water = life...

wow, the wedding is SO soon! That is crazy. Hope all the plans and everything are falling into place.

shelby said...

I would pay more for recycled, but I dunno. That is just me, I suppose. I have been trouble locating my normal paper that I use for my cards.

And don't feel bad, your time, materials and beautiful product are totally worth it. Which reminds me, post wedding, I am going to have to get a journal!