Tuesday, September 12, 2006

its too early in the morning.

hello friends! sorry i have been away, but blogging without pictures is so boring to me, and ive run out of things to say without using pictures. well, and i guess ive been kind of busy here and there, but you know.
anyway, everything will return back to normal after we return from our honeymoon. or at least i hope things will be semi normal again!
what to expect in october:
-new journals, and LOTS of them!
-tons of new pocketbooks
-hundreds of tags
-new designs!
-monster related things
-new moleskines
what to expect early november:
-my holiday card line (im super excited about this one!)
-gift bags, perhaps (i used to make all of my giftbags by hand, i might start again)
-more journals.
-tree ornaments!!! i wanted to do this last year and ran out of time, but im shooting for this year!
-and a few things i cant tell you about yet!
dont forget, i have things that i want to show you from before my camera died, so maybe those will be on here soon too.
take care!


hildy said...

ooooh! looking forward to it all!

LALA dex press said...

You'll have a lot on your plate when you return, but it's all very exiting. I second what Hildy said.