Sunday, December 17, 2006


some holiday stuff...
don't mind the terrible photos! i hate apartment lighting!

newly purchased deer and garland.

my handmade christmas tree!
a cone tree that i made (2 more coming!)
scissors ornament that i made for our tree.

short post today, friends.

take care!


Shona said...

Your tree is FANTASTIC! And you made it?????? You are FANTASTIC!
I can understand not wanting to make gifts,I have those years. I come from an artistic family + whereas handmade gifts are not required, but encouraged. BUT then there is my brother + as my friend says (in reference to her son), it's hard to hand make a video game, which is what my brother is mostly into (he's getting a Wii). He draws these great characters + I am going to have 1" buttons made from his drawings.

I have yet to get and rude comments, but a good friend shut her blog down because she was tired of getting comments that she did want (about 3 years ago she was living in Japan + documenting her life there for her friends in the US, what is there to be rude about??).

As for the $$ I save- well, I am going home to LA in 3 days and ALWAYS end up spending too much $$.

lisa s said...

your tree is fantastic... love how you are decking those halls!

Ky said...

i am so smitten with your cone trees that i have decided to make my own! and that handmade tree - holy jeepers, erin, it is quite amazing! hooray for decking the halls. =)

shelby said...

the holiday decor is lovely! I esp like the tree!

kml said...

your cone trees are splendid! and your christmas tree is beautiful as well- I am surrounded (outside) with fir and pine trees and didn't have the heart to cut anyone down (in their prime!) so we just put green branches around inside- maybe next year I'll make an attempt at some paper trees like yours!

louise said...

Beautiful ornaments & decorations. It looks like you are in for a merry old Christmas.
cheers, LJ