Friday, December 01, 2006

what i woke up to this morning...

this is what i woke up to this morning...

i dont really like snow all that much. i had to dig my car out of the apartment parking lot with a snow scraper since i dont have a shovel. hmph.

at least the pine trees look nice.


5 things that i'm loving today:

pine cone card by moontea artwork

this beautiful photo of a farm

this pine box

hello, december by ashley g.

this barn pillow by two trees with roots like these.

yes, those are my current swoons. it was hard to narrow my list down- joe says that i want everything. not true. i just want everything that's cute and that i dont have to go to the store to get.

have a great friday night!


kml said...

you are lovely to mention my card! what a beautiful site to wake up to on the first day of december.

Ky said... jealous - i want snow!!!

Dawbis said...

oh, thanks for sharing that photo! i love snow! <3

Shona said...

It looks like you work up to a postcard.
In the winter of 1990/91 I lived on Lake Mendota, in Madison, + was thrilled the first time I work up to a winter wonderland + a frozen lake that I could cross country ski across. You just don't get to see things that in Los Angeles or Nashville.

Shona said...

oops- that was supposed to say: It looks like you WOKE up to a postcard. I don't know how you WORK up to a postcard. Enjoy your day + be warm!

louise said...

Those trees look fantastic. Digging a car out of the snow is such an exciting idea for me... but perhaps that's because I've never had to over here in sunny Melbourne.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, I love the snow. I also love the stuff that Two Trees is making right now, I hope Santa leaves something good for you under the tree!