Tuesday, December 12, 2006

sometimes i just dont want to think of a title.

hello all!

how is everybody doing? i hope none of you are too stressed from the holidays coming up. i am happy to say that this christmas season has been much less stressful than last christmas. last year i think i just had way too much going on, this year i'm a little more carefree. right now i am thinking that sending christmas cards might not happen, and i am okay with that. i would like to send them, but if it doesnt happen, it doesnt happen.

i have a few new things that i have made over the past couple of days. 2 journals and a couple of moleskines. tomorrow is a day of paper cutting, folding and creasing, followed by packaging lots of orders and a walk to the post office. oooh yeah, and grocery shopping (since i have put it off for over a week!) yikes- tonight i had a piece of toast with jam for dinner- that's literally all that is left! so i HAVE to go shopping tomorrow, yuck. i might go to this boutique called polly annas if i find time because i have a gift card. oh dang it i have to make a custom journal for somebody too. there is a lot to do, but i have a few days off from my restaurant job so if i dont finish tomorrow, no big deal. i am actually thankful that i have so much to do- i know so many people who are so bored with life because they dont have anything to pass time besides housework and watching television. those of you who know me know about my animosity towards watching television on a regular basis. anyway...

these are a few of the new things i was talking about-

coptic bound journal, illustrated with black india ink and red pantone marker. drawing of an autumn tree.

mushroom large moleskine (i didnt even realize that i ordered large ones until they arrived the other day! i like the small ones more.)

coptic bound journal, illustrated with black india ink. "plants"....okay, so i have had a lot of "plants" journals, i know.

everything above is in my etsy shop right now. i am trying to keep it stocked for the holiday season, although it's almost over.

okay i'm tired. good night, friends.

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Shona said...

LOVE the title- I feel the same way most days I post + have the most banal titles.
I also love your comment on having so much to do while others are bored with life. I am constantly thankful that I have found a passion (especially with a day job that is often so uninspiring). People around me with "boring lives" often comment that they think I am lucky too, but I think that is so sad on their part. I had a professor who said that you should never be bored because there is always so much to do and so little time to do it. He was (is) a wonderful + amazing man.
Have a wonderful couple days off.