Friday, December 08, 2006

gotta run...

hello everyone!
how are things going? they are okay here, i've been slowly collecting gifts to give. so far everything i have has been bought off of etsy! my goal is to give mostly handmade for the holidays. i would go completely handmade, but i figure that even if 80% of the gifts are, then i did good.
i dont have a whole lot of time to post so it's going to be a short one. it's freezing in our apartment! it makes it even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. so that got me thinking- if i was just like the general population and didnt make things, i could just sleep, work at chilis, and clean. then instead of making things, packaging orders, and post office runs i could be asleep. haha, just kidding. i could never do that!
last night i made a few new pocket books, this is one of them. i need to make one for myself already! i always write everything in the world down so i dont know why i havent just made one for myself recently.
this is our christmas tree, or part of it anyway. i made it last year, and it is one of my favorite creations ever. you can't really see the tree in this photo, so i will post more later. but its about 6 feet tall, maybe a little bit shorter, and decorated in brown, red, and white. AND there are even gifts from joe underneath it...he took a hint last year and decided that he was never going christmas shopping on the eve again! haha, i told him over and over that what he was doing was not a good idea. ha ha. so last night i set up a paypal account and an etsy account for him, but i made him type the passwords. he kept telling me to pick the passwords so he didnt have to get off the couch, but if i picked them, then christmas wouldnt be much of a surprise!
okay, more later. have a good one!


Katie said...

Pretty tree! We have a tiny 2' tall tabletop tree we try and decorate every year - we're going away for Xmas this year so we haven't done much decorating - though I have already wrapped the few presents I have and put them under the teeny tiny tree...

kml said...

your tree looks cute- can't wait to see the whole thing. etsy has been great for xmas shopping for me too!

Shona said...

I just made my first book just for me- not for sale. After making books for about 6 years it was an odd feeling.
I too cannot wait to see your tree.
Have a warm day (our heat is not working + we are using space heaters until the repair man come out so I completely empathize with you).