Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missed It.

I was watching this fan on eBay and then completely forgot to bid before leaving for work...
Too bad because it went for $30, with shipping.
Then I found this one, and while I like it, the other one was cuter. The blades were more unique.
But I might still bid on it, since I want one that works for our "new" bedroom.

Maybe I will start collecting these old fans...I'm sure Joe would just love that...I could have snagged a million of them at that 127 sale I went to last summer, but it's so hard to know if they work when there is no electricity to try them out. Of course, I guess I don't really know for sure if the eBay ones work either. I just have to take the seller's word for it.

The bedroom is coming along nicely.
I'm building floating nightstands for us to free up some space on the floor, I'll show you once they are hung.
I'm lucky to have a cool husband who enjoys making our space look nice almost as much as I do!
I know a lot of guys who don't care and leave it all up to their wife/girlfriend/etc, so it's really nice to have one who does.

For now I'm going to finish staining the nightstands.

Oh, PS, I need these for the living room:

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