Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Basement Lounge

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This is what I was talking about yesterday...a basement that's painted dark and actually looks like it has a place in the house without feeling forced. Nice and cozy and not cave-like. I really like the lighting, too!

I want to buy this lamp for the basement, which on sale over at Lamps Plus right now. But alas, I have to wait.

My mom and aunt are coming for a visit today, they should be here in about 2 or 3 hours. Am I ready? Ha, no. I still have lots to do. Then 2 of my good friends who I have known since grade school are coming the next day. So I'm sure between now and 2 days from now I will acquire a few new (or, new to me, at least) things. I decided that I can finally buy some stuff after months of saving all of my money for a house...because now we have to start getting things FOR the house. And thankfully I have an awesome mom who is a school bus driver and gets the entire summer off. She's been going to rummage sales galore and returning home with lots of great stuff for us. Which is so nice.

Okay, off to finish a few things before they get here!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

And if you are not too exhausted, the World's Longest Yard Sale is next month- just think of all the treasures out there for your new home.

Pravina Studio said...

Well that is the coziest basement I've ever seen! I just want to curl up on that sofa and watch TV all day...

sfrench said...

Target sells the same lamps for 20 or 30.00. I've been meaning to pick one up. Great deal.