Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need to start taking more photos.

I blame it on not having the camera that I really really want (used to be Nikon D70, but I'm sure I will have changed my mind by the time I can buy one...).

Yesterday we went to a festival (Atwood Fest) and it would be been really great to have had a camera.

The day before was Joe's birthday, and it would have been nice to take photos of my nephew who was mesmerized by the cake that Joe's mom made.

I don't know. I just need to start taking more pictures and stop caring about my shitty camera!


Our house buying process started out great (as most things do.)

And then things started to suck. Joe has spend hours (seriously, hours...) on the phone each day with our loan company, trying to get things sorted out.

Long story short, our appraisal is finally scheduled (for tomorrow) so I guess we're finally moving along!

Trying to pretend none of this is happening and just move ahead with my thoughts, ideas and dreams. Which is totally not me...I don't tend to get excited about something until it's definite.

I've been thinking about the basement a lot and what I can do to make it feel like an area I want to be in. Our goal is to set up a glamorous space to entertain and hang out. It's the first area we want to work on and hope to have it finished sometime this winter.

Only 18 days till we move in!

Links for above photos:
1. Wallpaper by Graham & Brown, from the Umbra collection. $60/bolt.
2. Linear Strand Crystal Chandelier at ZGallerie, $349.
3. Pebble Table Lamp by West Elm, $149.
4. Selenite Tealight candle holder by Burke Decor, $25.
5. Woven Pendant at Clayton Gallery, $160.
6. Recycled Glass Candleholders at Clayton Gallery, $45.
7. Pablo Table Lamp at 2Modern, $220.
8. Bridges Floor Lamp at Chiasso, $328.
9. Circuit Clock at Chiasso, $58.
10. Kiki Table at Chiasso, $48.
11. Diamond Sculpture at Chiasso, $28.
12. Armitage Cocktail Table at Chiasso, $748.
13. Glam Pendant at Chiasso, $298.
14. Rustic Pedestal Table from Pottery Barn, $299.
15. Galerie Coffee Table from Crate and Barrel, $249.

I really like the linear chandelier and the Kiki table, so hopefully they come off backorder soon! I would buy them. The Armitage Table is way out of my league, and probably always will be, which is fine. Just trying to get some stuff together so I can show Joe how I want the basement to look.

Well that's all! Have a good day, see you soon!


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Wolfie and the Sneak said...

That's so soon! Holy Crap!!
And so exciting!!