Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potting Room

The potting room is at a standstill until I start working again, but I have been collecting photos for inspiration for the time being.

Since we don't have a shed yet, and most of our yard and gardens are in the backyard (where the door from the future potting room leads), I am going to do this for my tools. I've found that by making things have fun homes, it helps me put things away. Kind of like how I traded all my plastic hangers for wooden hangers and organized my wardrobe by color. Roy G. Biv , you are awesome. Whatever works, right?

I'm not entirely certain of the color scheme for the room yet, but I do have some awesome green things that I've been holding onto. Generally, I'm not a huge fan of green in decorating (i say that today...i'm sure it will change by next month) but I think it would work fine in a room like this.

Although I don't actually plan on doing this, I think that the salvaged gate idea is cool. So, I suppose if I come across a gate I might do this...but probably not, because I'd rather use the gate in my yard somewhere.

And, of course, much larger than my room would ever be, but I like the general feel of this space.

I've got 14'x15' to work with. I started drawing the layout on grid paper the other day, which is always exciting. :)


+Today is the last day I will be 24.
+I just found out that CB2 in Lincoln Park has closed. Bummer.
+Clementine and Moonshadow play fetch now. It's quite entertaining.

Okay, I'll return on Thursday with photos from our quick getaway to St. Paul, MN!


Jamie Watson said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Woohoo!!!

Katja said...

is it your birthday? Happy birthday!!!:)

beth said...

So nice to think of summer gardening when it is 1 degree out.

Happy birthday...have some Surly Furious when you are up in MN. It is my new fav.

lisa s said...

ah.... so lovely to look at nice organized gardens and goods....
happy belated birthday! 25 ! that's BIG!!! how do you feel??? :D