Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay. So that "thrifting temptation" that I spoke of in the last post? Yeah, I'm weak. I went. Even though it was Sunday and I knew it would be picked over.

But Joe spotted a solid wood twin bed frame, with rails (good eye, joseph), for $20. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was Ethan Allen. I told him that it was a good deal, especially since we've been looking for a twin bed like this on Craigslist for some time. I would have liked to have matching ones since we need 2 for our guest room, but mis-matched will be just fine. Originally I wanted to paint our bed frames white whenever we finally found them (the color scheme of the room was kind of counting on this...), but now that I have this one, it is hard for me to think about painting it. Because it's wood and doesn't need help in the shape it's in. So I'm struggling with that right now...I think it would look GREAT in a sunny, yellowish room with this duvet (being used for a picnic in this photo). But that wont happen, I'm sure, because we need a larger bed in our other guest room to accommodate our taller guests.

I also got 2 lamp bases. They both need shades. One is being painted right now. Before and After to come.

Okay, that's all. I have to pack for my trip to Illinois, now...where more thrifting action will take place.

Oh, and I was curious to see what I was doing on this date 4 years ago, seen here.

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