Thursday, September 09, 2010


I started at the good ol' winter job yesterday. I know, it's not winter yet. But it's still my winter job.
I'm still working at Rutabaga as well, but that will be ending shortly. Driving 15 miles in Wisconsin winters is far enough, and if I stayed at Baga I'd be more than twice that distance away. Last year I got stuck for in a line of traffic for 2 hours on 2 separate occasions because of wintery conditions, so I can only imagine what a commute twice as long would hand to me. In my next life I will live in town.

Anyway, part of the fun of the winter gig is getting to participate in Wardrobe Remix.
This a different photo than I was going to share, but I had to post this one with Clem because he's feeling much much better than he was 2 weeks ago. You can't really see the outfit too well because of the lighting/being far away but my house is project zone and I couldn't take the photo anywhere else. Here's the other one.

 And my new shoes.
Thrifted, of course, for $3.

The entire outfit cost less than $30. I estimate that it would have cost about $175 new. The sweater is 100% lambswool and has sweet buttons and I got it for like $12 last autumn. Steal.

Yeah. Thrifting is the only way, people. The only way those of us who like nice things but work at normal jobs can get anywhere in life.
I finished a project today that I hope to share soon. It has to do with the office room. I still haven't come up with a great name for that may end up being "the library" one day. But I first have to buy some more books and that's not going to happen for a very long time, so for now it's the office room. I guess I could just call it the office, but then I think of Michael Scott and I wouldn't want him in my house. He's just too damn loud!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I still play the game where I tally up the cost of my outfit (not including underthings). Today's is over the top because I'm wearing my Fry boots...but they were 1/2 the price on Ebay.