Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was my last day of work for my season at Rutabaga. I was bummin' about it for a bit...I'm going to miss my work buddies. But it's not all bad- it will be nice to have a shorter drive for a bit and I have to admit that I do love getting ready for a day at the office (read: dressing nicely).

My other job won't start full swing for a couple of weeks yet, so I'm going to spend some time working on some new art. I've been wanting to make new pieces for awhile now, and it's nice to know that I will be able to soon. I don't touch my art stuff in the summer because it's just not a good time for me. But with fall being here, and winter being it's pushy self and moving fall right along, I'll have tons of time indoors to do this again.

The other things on my list, now that I'll have a little more time each week?:
Play more bass guitar
Journal more
Cook again (I haven't cooked since January!)
Work on house stuff (truly my favorite thing to do...other than thrifting)
Watch more movies (i only watch about 2 movies a year, but i'll give it a shot.)

I told Joe that we can have a TV in the bedroom if we can get floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom, so I can see out into our yard from the bed. Now I'm realizing that our bed is not very comfortable so maybe we should get a new bed first. And the other problem is that I *think* I would eventually like to end up in Madison again, so that's a lot of money for something I may not be around to enjoy for very long. BUT at the same time, floor to ceiling windows isn't really something we could ever have in Madison (hey, neighbor!) so we'll see. I just think it'd be great to crawl out of bed in the morning, shovel the drive, crawl back into bed with a movie and hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside. But really, how often is it that we get a snow day? About as often as I watch movies. Um, I don't know why I'm in winter mode. Could it be the snowshoes that were put on display at work today? Hmm.

Anyway, the other thing I've been contemplating is renaming the blog. Eek! No more Operation Paper Cut? *Sigh* I think I'd miss it. I miss things easily. Have you realized this about me? Yeah. Anyway, it just doesn't suit the blog anymore and my original intention for the blog has evolved into something else. Remember when I used to spend hours cutting paper and binding journals? Well, that's where the name originated. I just pulled this photo from my flickr stream. If I look at it for more than a second then I will have to add "bind journals" to my "do more of" list. Another thing that I miss. I can't believe that almost 4 years have passed since I made them on a regular basis. Ah well, good things come and go.
So if I come up with a new blog name, it will change. I'm not going to push it, though. Then I'll be up all night. It's late as it is...waaay past my usual 9:30 bedtime.


Jo said...

Hi Erin.. I'm Jo.
I found you via Chez Larsson and I just wanted to ask where did you get that little art piece in your first blog photo ?? Did you make it..? because if you do I would buy one in a heartbeat if you'd think of selling it. It's adorable.
Plus what you were saying about your blog having evolved and the name no longer matching. Rather than loosing 'Operation Paper Cut' altogether.. 'cos I really like it too.. why not open a sister blog keeping the OPC name, and put all your paper related stuff on there and just re name this one.
As I'm sure you already know you can have as many blogs as you like under the one account.. then you wouldn't have to say goodbye to OPC.. and you could keep home & decor related stuff, and the paper related stuff separate.
Sorry for poking my nose.. you can tell me to shut up and mind my own if you like ;o)
Jo xx

Jo said...

Now I get it.. I didn't realise you already had another blog..
Should have read your right hand column more closely.. colour me dim !!
Sorry my e mail didn't show anywhere.. I thought it was on my profile.. I'll see if I can fix that... and yes it's perfectly ok to reply on my blog.
I'm off to have a look at Yellow Canoe.
Jo xx

Jo said...

Hi Erin..
I've just had a good nose around Yellow Canoe.. and frankly describing it as 'my other blog, mostly just photos of stuff I've made' is SERIOUSLY underselling it.
Your work is adorable.. and the first time I came I missed it altogether. You should definitely up it's profile here on Operation Paper Cut.

Erin Lang Norris said...

Aw, thank you so much! I usually take the summers off from Yellow Canoe, but this is the time of year that I get back into it. So I will up the ante and show it off a bit more. Thanks for the words of encouragement, they are much needed after my short break.

Hannah-Rose said...

Any tips for making journals? It's something I really want to try but don't know where to start! Haha.