Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party People

We had our party last night. I'm still in's 3:34 PM. We stopped getting crazy at about 4 this morning. And to think I was trying to make it till the sun came up? I'm glad I didn't. We haven't partied like that in a very long time. I had about 5 beers and 6 shots of tequila. Yeeesh. Usually I'll stop at about 3 beers, but I knew I'd most likely be in bed all day so I had to make it happen. I'm okay with wasting a day if it's only once in a great great while. And if I know I'll be sharing a hangover with people, it makes it a lot easier.

It was pretty much the first time that we had a large amount of friends over. Almost 30 people showed. My friends have been hassling me to have a party for over a year now, but I had to wait till the house was at least a little bit more me first. I'm glad I waited. We got lots of compliments and I felt like I was glowing all night because of it. I'm also glad that I decided to tackle the hallway because, interestingly enough, it was a very popular spot to hang out.

A few friends found some guitars and had a little jam session in the Guest Bedroom off the hallway. It was fun. We do need to improve our instrument selection, though. I recently started telling Joe that I want drums. Last night proved the fact that yeah, we do need some percussion instruments. We'll have some by the time the next party rolls around.

So this was pretty much the funniest part of the night. I came into the living room and people were passing this wedding photo first they were just saying "oh my god! erin with long hair! i can't even picture her with long hair!" and then it evolved into a new conversation. You can't really see it (that's okay...enough people have seen it now) but there is a pretty serious ass grab happening in the photo, compliments of Joe. My friends know I'm a blusher so they had a good time teasing me about it. Then they dragged Joe in and started high fiving and "yeah"ing him. That brought the shade of color on my face to the next level, haha.

Of course, much of the night was spent around the fire, too. It was a great night for some flames. The pit only suffered from one bruise (I'm super protective of my firepit!) and since I already have to pull the mortar out again before winter (i never did technically finish the fire pit) I'm not concerned about it. It hasn't seen a winter season yet and to say that I'm nervous about that would be a huge understatement. Once winter attempts to kick it's ass I'll know how tough it is and won't freak out as much.

Overall we had a great time. It was a nice way to say goodbye to the summer. My last day at Rutabaga is this week (i'll go back again after winter), so I was happy to spend time with friends from work.

There are two things that we need before the next one, though. A new camera and a sound dock for the iPod. Two things that have been on my wish list for years. I'm going to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and get both of them if I can. The sound dock that I want is like $300 so that gives me about 60 days to talk Joe into it. :)

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