Saturday, April 02, 2011

Estate Sale

First off- Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post. Things are getting easier- I only shed half a tear today! That's a record so far this week...I was in the middle of cleaning the garage & found 2 stickers that I had paper clipped together a few years ago. I meant to send them to her, but I had sealed the envelope before realizing that they never made it in.

Anyway. Today was a good day. I had the day off with Joe, which is a rare event, and we headed out to an estate sale this morning. We got there a little later than I wanted to, so we went to breakfast to kill time until our number was called. It ended up working out well, although I'm sure I missed out on a lot of garden stuff. Dang! Ah well. I did get 2 wooden handled straw brooms & a garden hoe for $3.50 total. I also got a little ceramic pot, but didn't get a great photo of it.

I like to have (cute) brooms scattered around so they are convenient. Now I have 4, but I'd like one or two more. One for the garage, back deck, litter box area, potting room, kitchen and bedroom. Then I'll be set. Kind of like my need to have 5 hammers or 4 tape measures. There are some things that just make life easier.

After the estate sale, we worked on the yard awhile. I finally have a vision for the way I want it to look! First thing's first: time to get rid of all the previous owners cutsey little things that they left for us. You know- items like the ceramic boy sitting on a bench with a dog...a black witch caldron buried into one of the retaining walls, some bird figurines on metal sticks...that kind of thing. I didn't get rid of them sooner because the first summer we just lived here with everything as-is and the second summer was pretty much a wash. Third summer's sure to be a charm, I'm sure.

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