Thursday, April 07, 2011


So there has been a growing pile of magazines on our coffee table for about a month now. It's been bugging me for a bit, but since I haven't set aside the time to flip through them yet, I didn't really want to put them away.

So I just re-piled them in a more organized fashion and I feel much better now. Although I woke up to most of them being on the floor this morning. I'm pretty sure it was's kind of her style to do something like that. I imagine she got a running start and slid on them over and over. She misses her rug rides- I put the ugly one from the kitchen downstairs and she doesn't get her daily ride anymore. Bummer.
The word puzzle books are Joe's. The rest are mine. I really like Everyday Food, but rarely make the recipes that I bookmark since I tend to work past a reasonable dinner hour. Sunset Living was a mistake on my part- I thought it was more of a DIY style but duh, it's like Midwest Living on the West Coast, minus the Midwest part. Whole Living is one of those magazines that have a few good articles but is mostly just filled with stuff I already knew. Living has been a letdown for like a year now. I think what I'm getting at is that I should just only get Midwest Living and be done with the rest, although I do get a lot of them at thrift stores so it's not too terrible.


Yesterday I started working on the yard but only spent about 4 hours outside. Then, of course, I was awake pretty much all night wishing that I had today off so I could keep doing yard stuff. The reasons I lose sleep are almost always directly related to me thinking about my current projects. Damn.

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