Friday, May 13, 2011

Vintage Sheets & Pretty Matchboxes

So along with the chair that I found at the rummage sale last week was also a set of vintage sheets. I love vintage sheets. I asked what size they were, hoping that the answer would be "queen" because I'd love to have these in my room, but I didn't get that lucky. Instead was a stack of twin sheets & a duvet, times two.

So, of course, I bought them. $3 per set. We have 2 twin beds in the guest room and it would be nice to have matching sheets. I need to get some "feather blankets" as the cute old woman kept referring to them as to stick in the duvets. For now I'll just wash them and wait for said feather blankets to go on sale.

A few days ago on Creature Comforts, Ez posted about some cute matchstick notebooks made by Kara, who is an intern at Fossil Blog. The post reminded me that I never showed you my own matchbox covers. I made them out of decorative paper and some giant boxes of matches that I found at the hardware store. $2 and 10 minutes is a pretty good deal for this level of gratification. Sometimes it doesn't take much, my friends.

They are cute enough to leave out in the open, which is good for me since I don't tend to put my stuff away when I'm done using it. I thought that they could make good gifts for the right recipient, too. Maybe a box of matches and a nice summer candle or votive holder. 

My parents will be staying with us for the weekend, but I have to work on Saturday and Sunday. Bummer. That's the one bad thing about my job- almost every weekend is filled by work. But that's okay...I feel like it makes me stronger, haha. While all the M-Fers (that's Monday through Friday-ers, not Mother Fuckers...) are waiting till Friday to go to the bar and stay out late, I wait right along with them (so I have somebody to go out with) and then I suck it up while hauling canoes and kayaks around during the hot summer weekends. Yeeeaahh. Thankfully my parents will be here this evening and I don't think I will be getting too shot-happy this eve.

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Valerie said...

I LOVE the matchbox idea and will be replicating it soon!