Thursday, October 19, 2006


i ended up binding 3 journals today. my goal was 4, but thats okay. i'm going to be adding a new journal to my shop every day, or at least thats the plan!
so how is everybody doing? i am doing alright...fall is almost over, sadly. today was kind of chilly. winter is right around the corner, which is good and bad.
good because:
spring comes right after winter.
it stays dark in my bedroom until a decent time every morning!
my 2 favorite holidays are in winter: thanksgiving and christmas.
i can wear mittens every day. (mittens are one of my favorite things ever.)
people wont look at me like im nuts for eating soup every day (soup is another one of my favorite things...ever. people thought i was crazy for eating it in the summer.)
my birthday is in the winter.
i just ordered some hot chocolate from the boy scouts and i cant wait to drink it.
i get to use my awesome heating blanket (thanks mom!!)
my frog slippers get a lot of attention.
i can wear cozy pajamas.
bad because:
i dont have radiator fluid in my car right now...just water.
i hate when my nose turns red in the cold.
dry skin.
the snow plows dont come around much where i live (mom, i want to move back home for the winter, okay?)
scraping windshield...uuugh.
i HATE taking showers in the winter because im always so cold!
maragaritas dont sound as good.
i cant hear the roosters doodle in the winter (i LOVE the roosters!) :(
but worst of all, the bottoms of my pants get wet. a HUGE peeve of mine.
okay friends, thats all for now. i just got a new virus scan. it took 2 hours to scan my computer and it found 6 viruses...ew. i have to go take care of that now!

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