Thursday, October 12, 2006

its a little bit chilly

hello friends!
i finally got around to making a new card design for this holiday season! this morning my alarm clock went off but i was nice and toasty under my down comforter so i decided to stay in bed a little bit longer. we wont say how long, heh heh. when i got up i was freezing so thats what inspired me to make the new card design! i also made some new tags too.
yesterday i went to the store because i need more sweaters but i didnt find any. all the cuteness that was at target before my honeymoon is now gone- dang it. but i figure they are just clearing out for the second batch of good things. better luck next week maybe.
i waited for the mail lady today in hopes that she would bring my new ashley g. print but she did not. thats okay i guess, i need to buy some frames and shelves anyway. i have TOO much unframed art around the house. okay, not that i have a lot of art but the stuff that i do have is either unframed or in a CRAPPY plastic frame from the store. oh, or my favorite- the wooden veneer frame. uugh. my goal is to eliminate all those crap frames and replace them with wooden ones. the only thing that plastic is good for as far as frames is pop art because i feel that the two things would play off eachothers cheeseyness. sorry to all who like pop art. but im sure you could feel the same way too.

anyway, enough for today i have a lot of stuff to do before 3. holy smokes its already 1, i didnt realize that it was so late!! gotta run! i'll be listing the cards and stamps in my shop later this evening. as far as journals go, i wont get around to listing them until the mid week next week.
i leave you with a sneak peak at the new journal covers! if you see (part of) one that you like, feel free to email me for a price quote/info. they will be ranging in price from $28-$38 i think. they used to be cheaper, but for a few reasons i had to raise the prices. hopefully they are still considered reasonable prices.


lisa s said...

those mittens are really cute!

shelby said...

Can't wait to see the journals. I love the mittens. Very cute!

Gina said...

Wow, those are great looking!

louise said...

Love the new swing tags. The mitten design is really cute.
Cheers, lj

natacha matic said...

I found you on Dawbis' blog. The mittens are too cool :)

Aurora said...

Well well, we like the same things! Thanks for stopping by.


maditi said...

I love your warm wishes - so lovely and charming!!

bugheart said...

i could
over your
mitten tags!