Monday, October 09, 2006

cant sleep.

hello everyone! its 2:45 am and i cant sleep so im blogging. which is good since i meant to last night and never got around to it!

ive been working on journals (as you may know) and i cant wait to show them to you! with this new batch ive been kind of drifting towards my older ideas...the ones i had before i started with the whole journal thing. you see, i used to have a huge love for monsters. so lately ive been working little creatures into my designs here and there, and i must say that im excited about this. i kind of left them high and dry for a while, focusing more on nature. and while i still love nature more than anything because its so true and here and now, im finding that i need something that isnt so serious. the world that we live in is so serious that sometimes i just need an escape. my escape is crafting, as is most of yours, but ive noticed that sometimes my crafting just isnt exactly what i want it to be- there seemed to be a very small thing missing from it, something that i usually didnt notice. but now that my creatures are back, i think that i found the missing part. im thinking about even taking this all one step further. i know that a lot of people like to keep a journal, but i also realize that the world is a busy place and some people just dont have the time for one. i want to reach out to more people, and im thinking about turning my creatures into illustrations. (im currently thinking to myself: illustrations...okay, so i guess the whole screen printing set up and printmaking classes may be put on hiatus...again.) anyway, we'll see how it goes. i have a bunch of little drawings of robots and creatures hanging around that i never really DO anything with, and i think its the right time to introduce them (note to self: dont forget about all the holiday cards you are supposed to make this year, erin.)

anyway, im really thirsty and i think that was why i decided to get up in the first place. oh, and because i wanted to tell you guys about the new creatures.


LALA dex press said...

As a fellow fan of monsters (especially blue ones) I look forward to seeing this new direction.

shelby said...

Can't wait to see your critters. On that note about the holiday cards, I have to say I am less than inspired to make any myself. I keep trying to talk myself into it. . .