Thursday, October 19, 2006


16 days till art vs. craft!
i have been working on journals and cards and all that kind of stuff, as you know, and i must say- i should have started this stuff a lot earlier! im so glad that i didnt end up going for any other shows as originally planned. i guess it was all just bad timing with the wedding and everything.
originally i wanted to have about 50 journals to offer but it looks like i will have closer to 25-30. not as fun but it keeps me much more sane and my finger wont be as raw from folding paper.
paper is the biggest issue right now. i work with 18"x24" artist pads, so there is a lot (okay, a ton) of x-acto goodness going on right now. im thinking about taking my paper to a print shop to have it cut. i figure that if i can even get the reams cut in half (which is the first step, every time) that alone will save me a bunch of hours. i would like it all to be cut for me so i wouldnt have to worry about it, but the measurements are weird. i cut the paper in half, put the two piles together, cut 2.25 inches off that stack and then cut that in half. thats for the large journals, the small ones have more steps than that. THIS is my main problem. the squares on my cutting mat are not 1" squares. they LOOK like they are, and they are measured to 1" squares on the cutting mat ruler. but they are like 1" rows and 15.5/16" the other way. you cant even tell just by looking, but oooh that really throws everything off when working on a large scale. and the artist paper isnt REALLY 24" long...its about 23 3/4" which throws everything else off. so i cant just line the paper up on my mat and cut 12" over, because it just doesnt work. uuugh im getting irritated just thinking about it all, and i hate numbers and math as it is. sorry about that tangent. im going back to bed.


shelby said...

Erin, you should take the paper and get it cut. That will make your life sooooo much easier. I get the paper cut for my cards and I think it is a buck or two per cut. So worth your sanity! Good luck! Make lots, sell lots. Good luck!

lisa s said...

my vote is for getting it cut too!!
save yourself the headache!

good luck!

erin scissorhands said...

where do you guys think i should go? do you think the print shop will do it?

LALA dex press said...

I completely feel your pain, I am going through the same thing for 3 shows right now. As for the cutting, I think about the same thing, but I am such an exact measurer + I've seen evidence of the lack of care some places take (wonkyness!), unless I stand over + keep a watchful eye.
I hope it all works out for you, Everything is looking really wonderful!