Thursday, October 05, 2006

a few new things

so im getting back into my crafting groove (slowly). ive spent most of the day cutting bookboard and deciding on new journal designs (7 new journals to be released around october 11th if all goes to plan!)
i need TONS of stuff to sell at art vs. craft in milwaukee. but im still going to list most of the things i make on etsy because its been SO long since ive been able to offer new journals on there!
here are a couple new things for the time being:
5"x7" art
so today looks like a beautiful fall day. i want to go outside! maybe i will tell joe that we should throw the football around for a while today.
i have a stye in my eye. i get them a lot....too much, probably.
okay okay, i have to get back to my work! take care, everybody!
ooh i might go thrifting today! it's been SO long since we've had money for thrifting! hopefully i'll come home with something neat.

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