Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lodi Marsh

Hi there!

The "Look What We Made Mondays" is running a little bit behind schedule.

We did start on something and it's almost finished.

It would have been complete if not for this slight interruption...

Yesterday I turned 23 and my wish was to go on a winter hike.

It was a beautiful day...about 30 something degrees, which is warm compared to what it's been.

The sky was a really lovely bluish grey hue and the sun was stretching her arms to the snow.

It was just perfect.

The trail we went to is called the Lodi Marsh.

It's part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but this particular trail is really amazing.

It's a thousand mile path, entirely within Wisconsin, that celebrates the legacy of the Ice Age.

We've hiked a few different sections of it.

The hike we took yesterday was about 2 was the first winter hike we've ever been on.

We've always wanted to go for a hike in the winter, but it just never worked out since I always worked weekends.

But now our weekends are filled with fun.
So through the valley we went, admiring the skeletons of the plants and trees...

There were these families of red twig dogwoods that carried so much contrast against the white winter snow...

Up across the meadow...
And back into the valley...And then back to the car we trudged.

I really would like to visit again each season...I don't think Joe will have a problem with that.

So after the hike, we stopped in at a birthday bar called "The Nitty Gritty".

I got free beers since it was my birthday.

We couldn't drink too many, though, because Joe was making me dinner and didn't want to be too drunk to cook.

{He made me some delicious tilapia with rice and corn.}

And then the day was over.

+look what we made mondays to come shortly+


amy said...

*happy birthday!*

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

YES! HAppy Birthday. I've been winter hiking, but not in beautiful snow like that, we get ice.

Gina said...

Happy happy! And those sure are amazing photos!