Wednesday, January 23, 2008


recent conversation/last night.

me: "hey!!! guess what!? we live by an anthropologie now!!"
joe: "neat."
me: "do you remember what that is?"
joe: "yeah. it's that magazine you get with those people that look blank."
me: "what?"
joe: "those girls. they are all model-like and...fake."
me: "did you say "those people that look...blank?"
joe: "yeah."
me thinking 'has he not seen the clothes in that "magazine" (catalogue, ahem...)'
me: "hahaha, okay."
joe: "they just look blank when i see them."


So, can you tell that I'm avoiding grocery shopping and that I've been working on business tax SHIT all day?

I'm so very confused about taxes. It really makes me want to quit this handmade life and find a full time job or something.


The minute I thought I understood it, I heard about tracking inventory on hand and all this other stuff that I just don't want to deal with (because I'm confused about it all)...


On a lighter note, I'm thinking about finding work on an organic farm this spring/summer/fall. That would be more fun than any other job I can think of, since you know- I don't have a degree or anything.

Okay I guess I have to go grocery shopping now. At least it will result in chicken stir fry for dinner and some banana muffins tonight.


lisa s said...

doing taxes does get easier.... but you still hate it :)

Kristin said...

it's funny what guys generally think about models...never what I would expect (usually they have a better view on it than I do)- I think R has commented on them looking like space aliens! (but the anthro clothes are still awesome!)

Artsy Momma said...

hey, I live in Stoughton (about 20 mins from Madison) I was so excited about Anthropologie, I didnt even know we had one in Madison! I am forcing my husband to go with me this weekend!