Monday, January 14, 2008

not happy

I cannot find my rapidograph pens ANYWHERE and I absolutely need them right now!

The joys of moving.

I've been searching for over an hour now.

I've gone through every box that hasn't been unpacked at least 3 times each...there are only about 7 boxes left to unpack (you know...the boxes that you don't even want to look at because it's just random stuff)......

Where could they be?!


Update: It's now 24 hours later.
{january 15}
No sign of the pens.
I'm still looking.
The worst part is that right now Yellow Canoe is my only source of income, and I don't want to fall behind because of some missing pens!
Also missing:
-1 steak knife from our knife rack. The funny thing is that we saw it laying out right before we left (the movers showed up a lot later than they were supposed to, and we were on a tight schedule so we had to leave them at our old apartment to finish the job.)
-My 2 iron owls. I loved those things...I hope they fly home soon.

Off to look some more.


lisa s said...

ugh. right there with you - cleaning out my office right now. trying to find, throw out, organize... sigh...

they'll turn up...

Amarilulu said...

LOVE your blog. Now, it's your turn to visit mine.