Monday, April 05, 2010


Yesterday I picked some daffodils for us. They bloomed about 2 days before that, and there are even more this morning. It's fun to see what the previous owners had planted for spring, since we haven't lived here during this season yet. My favorite thing about owning a house is seeing how the last residents did things. I'm constantly noticing small details and it always makes me smile.

Anyway, I keep telling myself to pick up vases at the thrift store so I can give some small bouquets to my friends, but I get there and then I don't buy any. What kind of flowers do you bring in from your garden?

I have been buying a lot of outdoor pots lately because they are a great deal when thrifted. Photo to come.

Joe has the day off and I'm about to get ready for work. It's supposed to be 70 again today- perfect weather to be outside.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Better that it makes you smile instead of cringe. Seems that you chose the right house for you.

Have a great day