Sunday, April 04, 2010


Similar to the February/March tablescape. This is about half of my decorative birdhouse collection. The other half of my collection is red, but I might paint them to match these ones. I'm not much of a fan of red in the home.

AND and and- notice the new paint color? It's Canyon Echo by Glidden and I am so very happy with it. The green color before wasn't my favorite by any means, and this is like a breath of fresh air. Minus the paint fumes. Not so fresh. But they're gone now. Anyway, it took months for me to decide on a grey, and I have a stack of paint swatches from numerous manufacturers to prove it. Then winter came and the glow from the white ground threw everything off. So I waited for the grass to show again, and from there I was finally able to choose. I knew I had to go with a grey that had red/pink undertones in order to cancel out the green cast brought in by the yard. Most of the greys I found had green undertones. Ick. The others had purple undertones, which was okay but felt cold.

I should add that the living room would not be painted if it wasn't for my mom. She spent 4 days with us and she got a lot done. I'll show you in the coming days. For now I'm off to cut daffodils from the garden, which just bloomed 2 days ago.

Happy Easter!

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Pravina Studio said...

I love the idea of a birdhouse collection. It might be kind of neat to have just one little red birdhouse peeking out from the group there.

Congrats on the paint job! Moms can be pretty great, eh?