Friday, June 18, 2010


Today when I was trimming the bushes around our house I decided that I want the bushes to go away.

I already had that in mind for these little ones in front of the porch, but I mean I want all of them to go.

Even the ones on the side of the garage.

I'm not a big fan of bushes or shrubs and they create more work than they're worth. They don't really go with the way I want the house to look, either.

Maybe a nice rock garden on the side of the house and some flowers around the other parts...but not all these monster shrubs.

I probably wont get around to it until next spring so I don't know why I'm talking about it now. Probably because there is nothing else to blog about and it's the only thing I have recent photos of besides the cats. Today has been a long day. I spend my days off alone and I usually like it, but today I couldn't wait for Joe to get home because entertaining myself gets old sometimes. And now that he's home, we're bored together. I'm in one of those moods that I don't feel like doing anything...but I want to do something. Good thing I'm leaving in an hour to meet a friend.

Oh and PS- yeah. We have ugly grass. Next year will be better...we got a little caught up in the fire pit thing this year and didn't get around to fertilizing.

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