Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bee Balm

Hi friends!

My Bee Balm poked through last week! I didn't even know that we had these flowers, because they were gone by the time we bought our house in August.

They are my favorite flower in bloom right now. I have never seen Bee Balm before, and I didn't even know what it was. I love the fact that they look like little fire crackers! I may have to cut some and bring them inside.

So guess what? I have 3 days off in a row! Today I had big plans to get out in the garden by 7 and keep going on a project that I'm making great headway on. Well, I woke up at about midnight (just a leeetle bit earlier than I anticipated) and couldn't sleep the rest of the night. Aching knees, followed by a sore throat, scratchy respiratory and an eye infection. The eye issues I can live with, it's kind of a normal thing in my life. But I couldn't find any Ibuprofen and that's what kept me up. Damn my knees, I shouldn't have been so hard on them yesterday. Ugh, so I finally fell asleep at about 6 this morning and just got up at 10. I'm still not sure how I'm feeling, but it's definitely a little bit better. And the sunshine is calling my name.

Anyway, if things don't go downhill, I plan on going home for a couple of days. Home as in Illinois. We'll see. I'm pretty excited. :)

So back to this garden thing. Being the thinker that I am (which is mostly provided by my long drives to and from work) I've decided that I should really just focus on being outside in the summer and inside in the winter. What I mean by that is that I don't care if the trim in the living room gets painted or if the wall paper in the hallway gets torn down. I will save that for winter and rainy days. For now I need to spend as much time outside as possible. I think I'll be happier that way.

I have a lot of ideas for the gardens. Mostly expansion projects. Documentation to come, of course.

Okay off I go, I'm heading to the 50% off sale at the hardware store. For plants and garden stuff. :)


tina said...

It sounds like you have a very good plan. I like that being outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Makes things so much easier to prioritize. Hope you get home to Illinois.

tina said...

Forgot to say-your bee balm is awesome! Looks like 'Jacob Cline'.

Consider the Lilies said...

Yes, that is bee balm and I see some coneflowers poking there behind the bee balm. Red is my faavorite, but we probably have about 5 different colors of bee balm. I love the smell of it. We too try to spend as much time outside as possible and then in the winter we sit inside in amazement that come spring all of that snow covered landscape will once again turn into flowers.