Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pink Is My Fav-or-ite Color.

A lovely pink and red Dianthus:

I like to be outside when it's raining. Owning a rain jacket helps, I'm sure. I went out to take pictures of some newly bloomed flowers while the storm was rolling in the other day.

That's when I noticed that the macro function on my camera has pretty much bit the dust. Drag.

Today I painted more patterns on the wall in the potting room and I also painted some of the trim in the living room. That was pretty much the extent of my afternoon. It's rainy out again and I feel a bit like the weather. I thought about making some coffee (instant gratification, always) but I'm holding back in hopes that some vanilla schnapps and root beer will do the trick. We've had the schnapps for a couple of years and I only drink pop when it's mixed with something, so why not?

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